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Website & New Server

Hi there, currently I’m in the process of editing this website, along with modifying the images of the products available on offer. There’s a couple of reasons. The site needed a new fresher and cleaner look Redeveloping the site is easier than transferring all the data to a new server, especially as numerous plugins are […]

Best Time To Start Your Biz

Deciding to start a business is far from a small decision, there are umpteen factors which all have to be considered, from how you’re going to name your business, where it is going to be based, in what format is your business registered, how will it be financed, and even more importantly what your business […]

How To Use Stock Graphics

In an ideal world we would never have to use stock photographs. I’ll explain why in a moment but first I want to tell you what to expect from this article. Using stock photographs has some really good points but equally they can be just as bad, and I want to explain to you why […]

Marketing Your Film Through Design

Recently a close friend of ours sold his film to a distribution company. Within the distributions companies contract they included the costs of re-marketing the film. Within the film industry there are many levels of marketing, each changes as the process of creating the finished product. Initially you will have a concept of the film, […]

Taking Your Hobby To The Next Stage

  You have a hobby, whatever it is for the sake of argument we’ll call it needle felting but in all honesty it can be anything, and you want to go from hobby needle felting to earning an income from needle felting. You’re products are beautiful, friends, family and even random visitors to your home […]